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Chapter 12 Class 10 Areas related to Circles

NCERT Solutions of all exercise questions and examples of Chapter 12 Class 10 Areas related to Circle. Answers to all questions are available with video free at teachoo.


In this chapter, we will

  • Revise our concepts about Area and Perimeter of Circle, and do some questions
  • Then, we will see what arc, sector and segment of a circle is
  • We will learn the formula for length of an arc
  • and Area of sector
  • Then, using Area of sector and Area of triangle formulas, we find Area of Segment
  • We do some questions where different figures are combined, and we need to find their area and perimeter


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In concept wise, the chapter is divided into concepts. First the concept is taught, and then we solve the questions related to the concept. All questions are ordered easy to difficult. That means, easiest question is in the beginning and the more difficult question is at the end.


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