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Magnets were discovered by chance by an old shepherd named Magnets. 

  • He used to take his herd of sheeps and goats to a nearby mountain for grazing. 
  • He always took a wooden stick with him to manage his herd of sheep and goats. The wooden stick had an iron casing at its lower end.
  • Suddenly he noticed the end of his stick and nails in his sandals got stuck to a rock. The iron in his stick and nails had become attracted to the magnetic rock. 
  • Actually, the rock was a natural magnet which attracted the iron end of Magnets stick. 
  • This rock which behaved like a magnet was given the name ‘magnetite. 
  • Magnetite rock contains iron. The magnetite attracted pieces of iron towards itself.
  • Magnetite is one of the three natural occurring oxides of iron. It gets attracted to magnets and can be easily magnetized to form a permanent magnet. 
  • Naturally magnetized pieces of magnetite are called loadstone.
  • On the basis of their behaviour towards a magnet, all the materials can be divided into two groups: magnetic materials (which are attracted by a magnet) and non-magnetic materials (which are not attracted by a magnet).

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