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What happens when we hit a magnet with a hammer?

  1. The north and south poles change positions
  2. It gains more magnetic force
  3. It demagnetises
  4. Nothing happens



By hammering a magnet we are actually trying to change the orientation of magnetic property of material which are making them magnet . If the alignment of magnetic property of material get change it would not work as magnet.

So, the correct answer is (c) - It demagnetises



The electromagnet is a 

  1. Bar magnet
  2. Permanent magnet
  3. Temporary magnet
  4. Damaged magnet



Electromagnets behave as a magnet only when electric current flows through them. So, they are temporary magnets.

The correct answer is (c) Temporary magnet.



The magnets which lose their property of magnetism after a short period of time are called

  1. Permanent magnets
  2. Natural magnets
  3. Temporary magnets
  4. Artificial magnets



The correct answer is (c) - Temporary magnets.



Which of the following can be converted into magnet?

  1. Iron
  2. Wood
  3. Stone
  4. Clay



The correct answer is (a) - Iron.



Attraction is maximum at the………

  1. Centre
  2. Poles
  3. Both (A) and (B)
  4. None of these



The magnetic force of attraction is greater where the field lines are crowded . Since all the magnetic fields lines emerge from the poles so the crowd or concentration or density of field lines is maximum near poles.  

The correct answer is (b) - Poles.

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