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Small electric bulb which produces ligh t when the torch is switched on is known as a Torch Bulb.


What are the different components of a Torch Bulb?

  • It has an outer case of glass which is fixed with a metallic base .
  • Inside the glass bulb are very thin wires which are fixed to two thick wires, this thin wire is known as a filament .
  • Filament of the bulb glow when electricity from a cell is passed through it.
  • These thick wires provide support to the filament.
  • One of the metal wires is connected to a metal case and the other is connected to the metal tip at the centre of the base. They are known as two terminals of the bulb.
  • The two terminals are fixed in such a way that they do not touch each other.


How does a Torch bulb give light?

  1. It is the filament of the bulb which glows when electricity from a cell is passed through it.
  2. The metal tip at the base of the bulb and metal case of bulb are two terminals of a torch bulb. 
  3. When electricity from a cell passes through filament , the filament gets heated up too much and becomes white and starts giving light.

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