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Explain how animals in Vertebrates are classified into further subgroups.



Vertebrata is divided into two superclasses, viz. Pisces and Tetrapoda .

  • Animals of Pisces have streamlined body with fins and tails to assist in swimming.  
  • Animals of Tetrapoda have four limbs for locomotion.

Tetrapoda is further classified into following classes:


  1. Amphibia: These animals are adapted to live in water and on land. They can breathe oxygen through skin when under water.
  2. Reptilia: These are crawling animals. Skin is hard to withstand extreme temperatures.
  3. Aves: Their forelimbs are modified into wings to assist in flying. Their beaks are present. Body is covered with feathers.
  4. Mammalia: Mammary glands present to nurture young ones. Skin is covered with hair. Most of the animals are viviparous.

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