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What are the major divisions in the Plantae? What is the basis for these divisions?



Classification of Plant Kingdom:

  • Plantae includes multicellular organisms except for some primitive relative of algae.
  • All Plants and trees come under this kingdom
  • They are eukaryotes, that is, their each cell has a nucleus and membrane bound cellular organelles.
  • All of them are autotrophic with chloroplast in their cell to perform photosynthesis.

The plant kingdom is classified into two major divisions as Cryptogams and Phanerogams.


     Basis of Classification

Thallophyta or Algae

Example- Algae

Body is not differentiated into leaf and stem.


Example- Hornworts, liverworts and mosses

Body is divided into leaf and stem


Example: Horsetails, ferns

Body is divided into root, stem and leaf


Example:  Conifers, ginkgo 

Seed bearing, naked seeds


Example: Rose, lilies 

Seed bearings covered seeds


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