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How would you choose between two characteristics to be used for developing a hierarchy in classification?



We need to choose those characteristics for developing a hierarchy in classification which can provide us a broader view of the organisms under study i.e. which helps in making the broadest divisions.

  • For example, the major difference in the fundamental characteristics of plants and animals that put them into a different hierarchy of classification is that plants have cell walls whereas animals do not.
  • The most common characteristic used for classifying organisms into a hierarchical classification is locomotion.
  • The major characteristics used for classification are the complexity of cell structure, body organization, and m ode of nutrition.

The three main characteristics used for a hierarchical classification:

  • The complexity of cell structure
  • Body organization
  • Mode of nutrition

Then next set of characteristics should be picked up for making sub groups. This process must continue & each time new characteristics should be used. The characteristics that decide the broadest divisions should be independent of other characteristics.

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