Class 6
Chapter 10 Class 6 - Motion and Measurement of Distances


Transportation is the movement of goods and people from one place to another.


Different Modes of Transport:


  • Before the discovery of wheels , the common modes of transportation included walking on feet, using animals and for transportation through water, boats were used


  • Invention of wheels made great changes in the mode of transport and the wheel designs kept on increasing. Animals were still used to pull carts that moved on wheels.


  • These were the main modes of transport until the beginning of the nineteenth century. After that, steam engines were discovered and there were steam driven carriages and wagons.


  • After that came automobiles such as motor cars, trucks and buses.


  • Motorised ships and boats were used for transportation on water.


  • In the early 1900s, aeroplanes were discovered.


  • Nowadays, we have electric trains, monorails, supersonic aeroplanes and spacecraft.

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