Class 6
Chapter 10 Class 6 - Motion and Measurement of Distances


Rectilinear Motion

When motion of the object is in a straight line it is known as Rectilinear Motion.


  1. Soldiers moving in a parade
  2. Vehicles moving on road
  3. Athlete running on a straight track


Circular Motion

When an object moves in a circular manner it is known as Circular motion.


  1. Motion of the blades of electric Fan
  2. Moving of Hands of the clock
  3. Moving of a tied stone to a thread


Here we can see that the clock or the fan themselves are not moving but the hands of clock and the blades of fan are moving.


Periodic Motion

When an object repeats its motion after some time it is known as periodic motion.


  1. Motion of a child on a swing
  2. Moving of a Pendulum


Rotational Motion

When an object turns(spins) about fixed axis


  1. Spinning of earth on its axis
  2. Bicycle wheel
  3. Turning of potter’s wheel
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