Some aquatic habitats are:

  • Seas and Oceans
  • Ponds, lakes and rivers.


Seas and Oceans:

  • Sea contains saline(salty) water.
  • Plants and Animals in the sea are surrounded by salty water.
  • And most of them use the air dissolved in the water for their survival.


Animals in Seas and Oceans:

  • Animals which are found in oceans have a streamlined body (pointed at the ends and broad in the middle) which help them to move easily in water


  • There are some animals who do not have a streamlined shape, these animals are found deeper in the ocean. These animals make their body streamlined when they move in water
  • They also have gills which help them to breathe in water.


  • They have slippery scales on their body, these scales protect the fish and help in easy movement in water.


  • Fishes have fins and tail which helps them to change direction and keep their body balanced


Example - Squid and octopus



Animals such as dolphins and whales do not have gills , they breathe through nostrils or blow holes which are in the upper part of the head. These animals can stay a long time without breathing inside water and come out at the surface to breathe.


Ponds, Lakes and Rivers:


Plants in Ponds

  • Plants which are found in ponds have short roots .
  • Main function of these roots is to hold the plant firmly to the soil.
  • Stems of aquatic plants are long, hollow and light, they grow up to the surface of water while leaves and flowers float on water.
  • Some plants are found totally submerged in water, leaves of these plants are narrow and ribbon-like which can easily bend in the flowing water


Animals in Ponds

  • Frog is one such animal which can be found in ponds
  • They can stay both in water as well as move on the land
  • They have webbed feet which help them to swim in water and strong back legs which helps them in jumping and catching prey
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