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Animals in Grasslands:



A variety of plants and animals can be found in the grasslands because the environmental conditions are suitable for their survival.

  • Lion is a commonly found animal. They are very strong and hunt deer for survival.
  • Lions are light brown in color which helps them to hide in the grasses while hunting.
  • They have long claws in the front legs that can be withdrawn inside the toes.
  • They have their eyes in the front of the face so as to have a correct location of deer.
  • Lions also have sharp teeth in order to tear flesh.
  • They are known as predators because they hunt deers for their food. 



  • Deers are the other animals found in the grasslands. They are called prey because they act as food for the lion. 
  • They need to be aware of the presence of their predators. For this they have a variety of adaptations.
  • Deers have long ears to hear the movement of the predators, they have eyes on their sides which allows them to look in all directions and they can run very fast .

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