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  • Habitat in the mountain region is very cold and windy.
  • In some areas, snowfall takes place in the winter season.


Animals in Mountains:

  • Animals living in the mountain regions are also adapted to the environment in which they are living. These animals have thick skin or fur to protect them from the extreme cold.

Example - Yaks have long hairs to keep them warm, Snow leopards have thick fur on their whole body including their feet and toes which protects them from the cold when they walk on the snow


  • Mountain goats have strong hooves which help them to run on the rocky slopes of the mountains.


Plants in Mountains:

  • Trees which are found in the mountain region are normally cone shaped and have sloping branches and the leaves of these plants are needle shaped
  • These modifications help the rainwater and snow to slide off easily.
  • The leaves also have a waxy coating to protect them.

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