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Given below is a crossword puzzle based on this lesson. Use hints to fill in the blank spaces with letters that complete the words.

Down                                                    Across

(D) 1 : Thorough washing           (A) 1 : Keeps warm

2 : Animal fibre                                 2 : Its leaves are eaten by silkworms

3 : Long thread like structure           3 : Hatches from egg of moth




  • 1D: Scouring is the process of thoroughly washing sheared sheep skin with hair, in tanks to remove grease, dust and dirt. 
  • 2D: Wool is an example of animal fibre .
  • 3D: Fibre is a long thread like structure that can be woven into yarns, which can be further woven into fabrics.


  • 1A: Wool is a fabric that helps us keep warm .
  • 2A: Mulberry tree leaves are eaten by silkworms as food.
  • 3A: The life cycle of a silk moth starts with a egg hatching in the form of a caterpillar or silkworm. .

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