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Class 6
Chapter 5 Class 6 - Separation of Substances

Sedimentation and Decantation:

  • The process in which the heavier component of the mixture settles down when water is added to it is known as sedimentation.
  • Decantation is the process of separating clean water from the dust which has settled down.
  • This method can also be used to separate two liquids which are not soluble in each other eg. oil and water.



  • This method is used to separate insoluble impurities from water or any other liquid.
  • The liquid is passed through a filter paper.  
  • Solid particles are not able to pass through it and remain on the filter paper.



  • It is the process of conversion of water into its vapor .
  • Salt is separated from the sea water by using this method.



  • Usually one one method is not sufficient to separate the components of a mixture and a series of methods are required. 
  • For example if we need to remove impurities from water by the process of evaporation and we also require the liquid, a process called condensation is also carried out.
  • Condensation is the process of conversion of water vapor to water by cooling.

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