Class 6
Chapter 5 Class 6 - Separation of Substances
  • Separation is a process by which the components of a mixture are obtained as separate entities.
  • A mixture is made up of two or more components.


Why is separation important?

Separation of  non-useful substances is important before using a substance. 

Example - Separating tea leaves from tea .


We also even separate the useful substances sometimes when we want to use the components separately.

For example - . Separating the components of petroleum like kerosene, petrol and diese l.


It is the human tendency to use everything in pure form for which separating impurities or harmful substances is important. 

For example - picking out pieces of stones or insects from the rice.


Separation is also done if we wish to obtain a pure sample of a substance

For example - obtaining pure water by removing the impurities in it.


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