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Class 6
Chapter 5 Class 6 - Separation of Substances

We can utilize a variety of separation techniques to separate the constituent parts of the mixture depending on the type of material that needs to be done. 

Separation techniques depend on the type of mixture.

The type of mixtures and their separation techniques are

1. Sold in solid mixture : Like Rice and stones, Husk and grain.There are four types of separation method for separating solid from solid:- 

    1. Handpicking
    2. Winnowing
    3. Threshing
    4. Sieving


2. Solid in liquid mixture - Like rice leaves in tea, sugar in water. There are three types of separation method for separating solid from liquid:

  1. Sedimentation and Decantation
  2. Filtration
  3. Evaporation

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