Class 6
Chapter 4 Class 6 - Sorting Materials into Groups

Find the odd one out from the following: a) Chair, Bed, Table, Baby, Cupboard b) Rose, Jasmine, Boat, Marigold, Lotus c) Aluminum, Iron, Copper, Silver, Sand d) Sugar, Salt, Sand, Copper sulfate



(a) The chair, bed, table and cupboard are non-living things while the baby is living .


(b) Rose, Jasmine, Marigold and Lotus are all different flowers and are therefore living things whereas a boat is a non-living object .


(c) Aluminum, Iron, Copper and silver all are shiny/lustrous materials and are metals whereas sand does not possess any luster.


(d) Sugar, sand and copper sulfate are soluble in water and sand is not soluble in wate r .



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