Class 6
Chapter 4 Class 6 - Sorting Materials into Groups

State whether the statements given below are True or False.

(i) Stone is transparent, while glass is opaque.

(ii) A notebook has luster while an eraser does not.

(iii) Chalk dissolves in water.

(iv) A piece of wood floats on water.

(v) Sugar does not dissolve in water.

(vi) Oil mixes with water.

(vii) Sand settles down in water.

(viii) Vinegar dissolves in water



(i) Stone is not transparent,it is opaque as we cannot see through a stone.

Glass can be both transparent and translucent . So, False. 


(ii) A notebook has luster while an eraser does not.So, True


(iii) Chalk does not dissolve in water. So,  False.


(iv) A piece of wood is lighter than water so it floats on water. So, True.


(v) Sugar dissolves in water. So, False


(vi) ,oil doesn't mix with water,it floats on water . So, False.


(vii) Sand is heavier than water so it settles down.So, True.


(viii) vinegar is soluble in water . So,  True.

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