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English Class 12

You have read an advertisement in the newspaper for the post of a Software Engineer in Alex  Software. You believe that you have the requisite qualifications, experience and you are innovative.  Write an application in about 150 words for this post emphasizing your strong points. Also write  your resume. You are Sourav/Shikha of 14, Mall Road, Chandigarh


14, Mall Road

9 March 2022

The Manager
Alex Software

Subject: Application for the post of a Software Engineer


1️⃣In response to your advertisement in the Chandigarh Times dated 2️⃣ March 7, 2022 for the post of a software engineer , I hereby offer my candidature for the same. 3️⃣I believe that my skills and qualifications match your requirements . 4️⃣I have done my B. Tech in CSE from Chandigarh University. For the last 5 years , I have been working as a Software Engineer at Microlan . My area of specialty is user interface and coding . I have been appreciated for my efficiency by my previous employers. If given the opportunity, I am sure I will be able to prove my capabilities to you as well.

5️⃣I have attached my resume for your kind consideration. Hope to get a positive response from your side!

Thanking you

Yours truly,
Shikha Verma
Cc: 1) Curriculum Vitae




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