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In the double displacement reaction between aqueous potassium iodide and aqueous lead nitrate, a yellow precipitate of lead iodide is formed. While performing the activity if lead nitrate is not available, which of the following can be used in place of lead nitrate?

(A) Lead sulphate (insoluble)

(B) Lead acetate

(C) Ammonium nitrate

(D) Potassium sulphate



Reaction between aqueous Lead Nitrate and aqueous Potassium Iodide - Teachoo.jpg


In a double displacement reaction, the two reacting species exchange their positive and negative ions .


In the reaction given above, lead nitrate can be replaced only by other salt of lead.


  • Lead sulphate is insoluble in water , it will not produce ions and therefore, the reaction cannot be carried out.
  • Thus, we can use Lead Acetate


So, another reaction can be

Reaction between aqueous Lead Acetate and aqueous Potassium Iodide  - Teachoo.jpg

So, the correct option is (b) - lead acetate

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