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Ex 13.8, 10 - A capsule of medicine is in shape of sphere - Volume Of Sphere

  1. Chapter 13 Class 9 Surface Areas and Volumes
  2. Serial order wise
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Ex 13.8 , 10 A capsule of medicine is in the shape of a sphere of diameter 3.5 mm. How much medicine (in mm3) is needed to fill this capsule? Capsule is of form of sphere Radius of sphere = r = ๐ท๐‘–๐‘Ž๐‘š๐‘’๐‘ก๐‘’๐‘Ÿ/2 = 3.5/2 mm = 1.75 mm. Medicine needed for its filling = Volume of sphere = 4/3 ฯ€r3 = (4/3 ร—22/7ร—1.75ร—1.75ร—1.75) mm3 = 22.46 mm3

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