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Class 10
Chapter 14 Class 10 - Sources of Energy

In Kunjpura village, located in Karnal district, Haryana, Aditya Aggarwal and his older brother Amit Aggarwal run Tee Cee Industries, a steel plant set up by their ancestors in 1984. Along with this, they also run a gaushala that houses 1,200 cows that can no longer produce milk.The cow shelter was manageable but running the steel plant was turning out to be expensive because they spent a whopping Rs 5 lakh every month on electricity. The brothers struck upon an idea. Why not run the factory with the biogas produced from cow dung from the shelter and other gaushalas, along with bio and agri-waste like sewage, farm waste, etc Thisled Aditya and Amit to start Amrit Fertilisers, a biogas project, in 2014, without any government support.

9.1 Biogas is a mixture of the following gases.
(a) Ethane, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen and Butane

(b) Methane,Hydrogen,Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen

(c) Butane,Carbon monoxide,Propane and Hydrogen

(d) Carbon monoxide,Sulphur dioxide and Hydrogen



9.1 : b) Methane, Hydrogen, Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen

Methane, Hydrogen, Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen-Teachoo.jpg

9.2 Raw material used in bio gas plant is

(a) Animal dung

(b) crop residue

(c) Food waste

(d) All of the above


9.2: d) All of the above

Animal dung, Crop residue. Food waste and Water waste can be used as raw material in biogas plant

Outline of biogas power generation and heat supply system-Techoo-01.jpg

9.3 The correct labelling in a biogas plant is given in

Biogas Plant (Unlablled) - Teachoo.jpg

(a) A- Manure        B- Slurry      C- Gas tank   D - Digester

(b)A- Slurry       B-Digester  C - Manure   D - Gas tank

(c) A-Gas tank       B-Manure    C- Digester   D - Slurry

(d) A- Digester       B-Gas tank  D- Slurry          D- Manure


9.3: b)

Biogas Plant-Techoo-01.jpg

9.4 Biogas is a better fuel than animal dung cake because

(i) Biogas has lower calorific value.

(ii) Animal dung cake has higher calorific value.

(iii) Biogas has high heating capacity.

(iv) Biogas burns without smoke.

(a) (i) only

(b) (ii) only

(c) (iii) and (iv)

(d) (i) and (ii)



9.4: c) (iii) and (iv) 

Biogas has high heating capacity and Biogas burns without smoke

The other statements are wrong as:

Biogas has lower calorific value and animal dung cake has higher calorific value 

→ High calorific value makes it able to produce more energy than biogas hence it doesn’t justify why biogas is a better fuel



9.5 Biogas is formed in the

(a) presence of air only.

(b) presence of water only.

(c) absence of air only.

(d) presence of water and absence of air



9.5: (d) presence of water and absence of air 

The microorganisms acting on sludge to produce biogas are anaerobic bacteria

Anaerobic bacteria cannot survive in the presence of air (anaerobic means without air)

However, water is required

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