Heating Effect of Electric Current is Used in Various Appliances like

  • Electric Bulb
  • Electric Iron
  • Electric Fuse

Let's study them one by one


Electric Bulb



Electric bulb contains following

  • Thin Filament made of Tungsten metal
  • Connecting Copper Wire to make current pass
  • Glass Covering
  • Argon or Nitrogen Gas enclosed in the bulb


When electric current is passed through tungsten filament

it glows and produces light and heat



Tungsten Metal is used to make filament because

It offers higher resistance ,and produces more heat

it has very high melting point (3380 Degree Celsius) .It does not melt while producing heat


Argon or nitrogen Gas is used instead of Oxygen in Glass Bulb because
they do not react with tungsten like oxygen
This makes the bulb last longer

Electric Iron and Electric Kettle


These contain

  • Coils(Circular wires) made of Nichrome Metal
  • Connecting Copper Wires

Note = Nichrome is an alloy of nickel and chromium
It offers high resistance and produce large amount of heat
They are connected to copper wires which are good conductor of electricity but offer very little resistance and hence very less heat

Hence, When electric current is passed

Copper wire doesn't heat up,it only passes electricity to Nichrome Coil

But Nichrome Coils get heated up producing large amount of heat

This heat is used for ironing clothes or heating water.


Electrical Fuse


What is an Electrical Fuse?

Fuse is an electrical safety device

If excess current flows through an appliance,it breaks off the circuit

Thus it prevents overheating of appliance and electrical fires


How does Fuse work?

It contains wire made of metal like aluminium,copper,lead etc

these metals have low melting point

When excess current flows through circuit,the metal wire melts. Thus, breaking the circuit

Thus it prevents overheating of electrical appliance and electrical fires.

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