Class 8
Chapter 17 Class 8 - Stars and the Solar System
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What is the Difference between Stars and Planets




Star is a celestial object which emits its own light

Planet moves around the star in a fixed orbit

Stars twinkle

Planets do not twinkle

Position of stars do not change

Position of Planet Changes

Stars have very high temperatures

Planets have low temperatures


Meteors are not visible during the day time. Explain the reason.


Meteors are celestial bodies which revolve around the sun in their orbits.

These are the celestial bodies from the sky which we see as a bright streak of light that flashes across the sky during the night.

Meteors can only be seen due to their bright light.

But this bright light can not be seen during the day because the light produced by the sun is much more than that of the meteors.

Hence, the light of the meteors blends with the light of the sun and we are not able to see meteors during the day.


Explain how you can locate Sirius with the help of Orion



Before locating the Sirus, we need to identify Orion


Orion is in the shape of a big dipper.

It has 8 major stars - 3 stars appear in the belt and five stars appear to be arranged in form of a quadrilateral

Finding Sirius from Orion - Step 1 - Finding Orion - Teachoo.jpg


Find 2 Stars at the end of the bowl of Ursa Major

Join a Line between them

Extend it towards North 

This line will lead to a star which is not very bright. This star is the Pole Star.

Finding Sirius from Orion - Step 2 - Finding Sirius - Teachoo.jpg


What is the Difference between Artificial and Natural Satellite?


The Difference between Natural and Artificial Satellites is

Natural Satellites

Artificial Satellites

It is made by Nature

It is made by humans

They are permanent

They are temporary

They are not used for communication

They are used for communication with the Earth

Example - Moon is the natural Satellite of the Earth

Example - Aryabhat, INSAT, EDUSAT


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