There are different types of electroplating like

  • Chromium Plating
  • Gold and Silver Plating
  • Tin Plating
  • Zinc Plating


Let’s look at them one by one

Chromium Plating

It is done on different objects like car parts, bath taps, kitchen burners, bicycle handles



In this case, layer of chromium metal is deposited over other metal like iron/steel

Chromium helps in keeping material shiny and scratch free

Also there is no corrosion(metal is not damaged or get rust due to rain)

Why the whole product is not made of chromium?

Because it is a very expensive metal

So only layer is used of chromium and remaining is made of cheap metal like iron and steel

Gold Plating and Silver Plating

It is used in case of Jewellery

Coating of  Gold and Silver is done so that it gives the appearance of gold and silver jewellery

It is much cheaper than making whole product of gold or silver

Gold Jewellry.jpg

Gold Plated Jewellry.jpg


We can see that Gold Plated Jewellery is much more costlier than Gold Jewelry

Tin Plating

It is done in case of Cans which are  used to store food



  Cans are made of iron, coating is done of tin

it is because if iron reacts with food directly,food can get spoilt

Coating is done of tin to prevent food from getting spoilt


Zinc Plating

It is used in bridges and automobiles

They are made of iron

Coating of Zinc is done to prevent it from getting rust

Zinc Plating.jpg


Nickel Plating

Nickel plating is done on aluminium to make it look better nickel-plating.jpg


Summary of Different Types of Electroplating

Type of Coating

Base Product

Coating of


Why used

Chromium coating

Iron and steel


Bicycle bells, Handlebars

Chromium has shiny appearance and it does not corrode

Tin coating



Cans used for storing food

Tin has shiny appearance, does not corrode and is non poisonous

Gold plating



Gold plated ornaments

Goldmakes cheaper silver ornaments look attractive and expensive

Nickel Plating



Aluminium articles

Nickel is a shiny metal, it gives shiny appearance to dull looking aluminium articles.

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