Fill in the blanks

(a) Most liquids that conduct electricity are solutions of , ______________ and ______________.

(b) The passage of an electric current through a solution causes ______________ effects.

(c) If you pass current through copper sulphate solution, copper gets deposited on the plate connected to the ________ terminal of the battery.

(d) The process of depositing a layer of any desired metal on another material by means of  electricity is called ________



(a) acids, bases, salts

Explanation : Acid, bases and salts dissolve in water to give ions. (Ions are atoms with electric charge). These ions conduct electricity


(b) chemical

Explanation: When we pass electric current through a solution, chemical reactions takes place. These chemical reaction causes chemical effects like change in color of the solution.


(c) negative

Explanation: When we pass current through a copper sulphate solution, the solution contains positive Copper ions. These get attracted to the negative electrode

(d) electroplating

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