Sometimes, friction is useful to us

Due to lack of friction,there may be risk of accident

We may need to increase friction to prevent slipping and function properly

This is done by various methods as shown below


Example 1

Sole of shoe is grooved(rough). This increase friction and prevents us from slipping

Example 2

Tyres are treaded so that it does not skid and stop immediately when brakes are applied


Example 3

Studs (Football shoes) have spikes in it

This also helps in increases friction

When the footballer runs,it prevents him from slipping


Example 4

Kabaddi Player wipe their hand with dry sand

This is done to increase friction in hands of player

So their hands do not skid when they touch other player's sweaty hands and legs


Example 5

Bowlers wipe ball with dry cloth

When there is dew,bowlers are not able to spin the ball because ball is wet and there is less friction and they are not able to hold it properly.

So they wipe ball with dry cloth to increase friction and make ball spin


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