Sometimes friction is harmful to us. We need to remove it to make products run smootly


We sprinkle fine powder on carrom board

This reduce friction between carrom board and the coins



How to reduce friction

We reduce friction by making object smooth

So there is less irregularities between 2 objects and less friction

This is done by various methods as shown below


Putting Oil

Oil is applied on hinges of door

This reduce friction between door and wall and door opens smoothly

Applying Grease and Lubricants

Grease is used in moving parts of bicycle to remove friction

This make bicycle parts run smoothly


Using Wheels

It is difficult to move heavy suitcase

But it becomes easier if we attach wheels to it

Wheels reduce friction and makes it easier to move heavy object


Using ball Bearings

Ball bearings are small metal balls placed between moving parts of a machine

When the machine rotates,these also rotate reducing friction

Example-They are used in fans

Wheels also produce some friction when central hole rubs with axle

But if we attach ball bearings,these reduce friction even further and make it easier to move



Slides used by children are polished

These reduce friction and makes it easier for children to play


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