As per Time of Supply of Goods

Gst is payable on earlier of Invoice

Last Date of Invoice

Date of Payment

Hence,if payment received in advance,GST was payable on advance received

This condition has been removed now from 15 Nov 2017  vide Notification 66/2017

Hence,if advance received by Trader or Manufacturer,but goods not yet sold,now no GST is payable

However,receipt voucher is still to be issued by Trader/Manufacturer on receipt of advance(even though no tax is to be paid to govt)



This concession is only for goods,not servicesHence GST is payable if advance received by Service Provider

In case of Reverse Charge,if payment made in advance,still reverse charge is applicable for both gods and services.


GST has had other changes. See GST Changes on the 10 November Meeting  

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