Form Required Purpose Due Date
Form GST CMP - 01 To opt for scheme by providing registration holder Prior to appointed date or within 30 days of the said date
Form GST CMP - 02 Intimation of Willingness to opt for Scheme Prior to commencement of Finacial Year
Form GST CMP - 03 Details of stock and inward supplies from unregistered person With in 60 days of exercise of option
Form GST CMP - 04 Intimation of withdrawal from scheme With in 7 days of occurrence of event
Form GST CMP - 05 Show cause notice on contravention of rules or Act by proper officer On contravention
Form GST CMP - 06 Reply to show cause Notice Within 15 days
Form GST CMP - 07 Issue of order Within 30 days
Form GST CMP - 01 Registration under Composition Scheme Prior to appointed date
Form GST CMP - 01 Details inputs in stock, semi-finished and finished goods 30 days of option Withdrawn 
Form GST CMP - 013 Intimation of ITC available With in 60 days of commencement of Finacial Year
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