Suppose we receive a bill for which we have passed entry in Tally


Now how to put that bill in file?


Many Companies attach printout of entry passed (called voucher) with it.


Who Signs the Voucher?

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Steps to be followed

  1. Display --> Daybook --> Select Date --> Select Entry
  2. Click Print (Alt P)
  3. Put Name,Save Printed File as xps format 
  4. Take Printout

(You can also directly take printout without Saving)



How to Change Printing Configuration in Tally ERP 9

  • Go to Homepage(Gateway of Tally)
  • Click F12 Configure
  • Click Printing
  • Select Type of Voucher whose Printing Configuration to be changed
  • Change as Required
  • Enter Enter or Ctr A
  1. Tally

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