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Activity: Ask all the students in your class to write a 3-digit number. Choose any student from the room at random. What is the probability that the number written by her/him is divisible divisible by digits is  by 3? Remember that a number is divisible by 3, if the sum of its digits are divisible by 3


Note : This is an activity, so we assume some values and solve

Let's assume these values


Let number of Classmates be 20


And numbers written by them are

123, 374, 223, 911, 121, 363, 542, 413, 821, 736, 417, 163, 616, 637, 275, 615, 522, 314, 716, 946


So, Total numbers written = 20


Now, we know that

Number is divisible by 3 if its sum of digits are divisible by 3



Numbers divisible by 3 are: 123, 363, 417, 615, 522



We need to find Probability that number is divisible by 3


Probability that number is divisible by 3 = Number of numbers divisible by 3/ Total numbers

 = 5/20

 = 1/4

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