Additional Records To Be Maintained By The Manufacturers Of.
1. Rg-4 – Cane Account;
2. Rg-6(C) Or (G) – Register Of Daily Manufacture;
3. Rg-7 – Daily Drier Account;
4. Rg-8 – Sugar Store Account;
5. Rg-9 – Gunny Bag Account;
6. Rg-11 – Daily Account Of Sugar Received For Crushing.

1. Rg-2 – Daily Account Of Splints And Veneers And Composition Of Match Heads;
2. Rg-3 – Register Of Stock And Receipts Of Central Excise Stamps Purchased;

Tobacco Products
Rg-12 – Register Of Manufacture Of Excisable Tobacco Products;

Rg-25 – Production Register Cum Account Current To Be Maintained By The Manufacturers Of Embroidery Working Under Special Procedure.

Rg-17 – Daily Account Of Loose Tea Utilized In The Production Of Package Tea.

Additional Records To Be Maintained By Units Working Under Chapter X Procedure.
Rg-16 – Register Of Excisable Goods Used For Special Industrial Purposes.

Additional Records To Be Maintained By Independent Processors.
1. Lot Register;
2. Register In Respect Of Deemed Credit Taken Under Rule 57a;

  1. Tax Practical
  2. Practical Excise

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