Excise is not used in India anymore.

It is replaced by GST

Please check https://www.teachoo.com/4871/1946/Concept-of-Cenvat-on-Inputs-for-Manufacturers/category/GST-Implications-For-Factories/


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Purchase Raw Material

Particulars Amount
Purchase 40000
Excise 12.5% 5000
Total 45000
Vat 5% 2250
Total 47250

Sales Finished Goods

Particulars Amount
Sales 120000
Excise 15000
Total 135000
Vat 5% 6750
Total 141750

What is Excise Duty Payable

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What is Vat Payable?

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Concept of Cenvat on Inputs for Manufacturers - Excise Duty Computation Basics

What is Excise Duty Payable?

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No Input of Goods Used in Office

However,Input Available of Goods Used in Production or Sales like
Raw Material- Items Present in Finished Goods
Consumables- Items Consumed in Production
Packing Material- Items Used to Pack Finished Goods

What is Vat Payable?

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What is Excise Duty Payable


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If a factory purchases goods from Dealers ,only Vat is charged which cannot be charged against excise
No Input of Vat Against Excise
However,Input of Vat can be utilized against Output Vat as below

What is vat Payble ?

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  1. Tax Practical
  2. Practical Excise

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