In this case,we need to

  1. Download and Save  Excel Utility (Excel file in Utility format)
  2. Fill Return,
  3. Validate and Generate xml
  4. Upload this xml file generated



How to Download 

Step 1: Go To www.Aces.Gov.In

Offline Excel Utility Procedure For Excise Return - Excise Return Procedure

Step 2: Click Downloads


Step 3: Click On “ Click Here To Download The Utilities”


Step 4: Click On Download Excise Return Excel Utility

File to be downloaded depends upon Year for which Return filed


Step 5: Then Open The Downloaded File And Extract The File From There.


Step 6: Open The Extracted Excel File ,Enable Editing And Then Enable



Step 7: File---->Save as---->Save in Excise Return folder and then Start filling Return



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