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Example 1:-

In 2014-15  Company purchased  the following assets


Asset Name Purchase Amt Date of Purchase Dep Rate
Machine 1 500000 14-Apr 18.10%
Furniture 20000 15-Aug 25.89%
Car 300000 25-Dec 31.23%
Machine 2 40000 26-Jan 18.10%
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Example 2:-

Continuing previous question,Suppose in 2015-16,Following Assets Were Purchased

Name of Asset Amount Date of Purchase Depreciation Rate
Furniture 75000 20-Apr 25.89%
Computer 50000 15-Nov 63.16%

Compute Depreciation in 2015-16

Depreciation for year ended 31-03-2016

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Example 3:-

Continuing previous question,Suppose in 2016-17,Car and Machine 1 Sold for 200000 and 350000 respectively on 10 April and 30 April

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