• Rapid technological advancement has been a crucial factor in accelerating the globalization process. 
  • There have been several advancements in transportation technology over the last 50 years.
  • This has enabled faster deliveries of commodities at a lower cost.
  • Technology in the fields of telecommunications , computers, and the Internet has been evolving quickly recently.
  • Communication across the globe , quick information access , and communication from remote locations are all made possible by telecommunications facilities available to people 
  • This has been facilitated by satellite communication devices.
  • I nformation and communication technology (or IT) has played a major role in spreading out the production of services across countries.

Liberalization of foreign trade 

  • Trade Barriers: To regulate foreign trade, the government imposed some restrictions on trade. These restrictions are referred to as trade barriers.  Example: Tax on imports.
  • After India gained its independence, the Government had put barriers to foreign trade and foreign investment. 
  • This was considered necessary to protect the producers within the country from foreign competition.
  • Some significant policy reforms were implemented in India starting about 1991
  • The government came to the conclusion t hat Indian producers needed to start competing with those from other countries.
  • As a result, many restrictions on international trade and i nvestment were lifted.
  • Removing barriers or restrictions on trade set by the government is known as liberalization.
  • As trade becomes more liberalized , businesses are free to choose what they want to import or export .
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