Arrange the following in the correct sequence:

(i) Meanwhile, the company’s customer care is carried out through call centres located in India.

(ii) And then has the components manufactured in China.

(iii) A large MNC, producing industrial equipment, designs its products in research centres in the United States.

(iv) These are then shipped to Mexico and Eastern Europe where the products are assembled and the finished products are sold all over the world.


(A) (iv) - (iii) - (ii) - (i)

(B) (i) - (ii) - (iii) - (iv)

(C) (ii) - (iii) - (i) - (iv)

(D) (iii) - (ii) - (iv) - (i)



So, the correct answer is (D): (iii) - (ii) - (iv) - (i) 


  • Industrial equipment is first designed.
  • The components needed for the products are made,
  • The machine is put together i.e Assembling the machines.
  • Finally, the finished product is sold and the company’s customer care is set up to provide services to consumers.
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