Match the Following:

Column A Column B
(i) MNCs buy at cheap rates from small producers (a) Automobiles
(ii) Quotas and taxes on imports are used to regulate trade (b) Garments, footwear, sports items
(iii) Indian companies that have invested abroad (c) Tata Motors, Infosys, Ranbaxy
(iv) Several MNCs have invested in setting up factories in India for production (d) Trade barriers



So, the correct answer is (C) (i)-(b), (ii)-(d), (iii)-(c), (iv)-(a)  


  • MNCs purchase garments, shoes, and sports items, at low prices from small producers to cut their production costs, and then sell them at high prices to earn profit.
    Thus, (i) matches with (b)
  • Quotas and taxes on imports are examples of trade barriers.
    Thus (ii) matches with (d)

  • Many well-known Indian companies have invested abroad to diversify their product reach. Such as Tata Motors, Infosys, and Ranbaxy, etc.
    Thus (iii) matches with (c)

  • Several MNCs have invested in India to set up factories of automobiles for its production at lower costs.
    Thus, (iv) matches with (a)
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