Why is modern currency accepted as a medium of exchange without any use of its own? Find out the reason.



Points to Remember:

  • Authorised by the government .
  • Only RBI issues currency notes .
  • No other individual or organisation is allowed to issue the currency.
  • Only the “rupee” can be used as a payment .
  • Payment made in rupees cannot be refused in India.

Answer to be written:

Modern currency is accepted as the medium of exchange due to the following reasons:

  • Currency is authorised by the government of a particular country. Like in India, our currency “the rupee” is authorised by the government of India .
  • In India, central government currency notes are issued exclusively by the RBI .
  • Therefore, no other organisation or individual is allowed to issue currency.
  • The law legalises the use of “rupee” as a medium of payment that cannot be refused by any individual.
  • No individual in India can legally refuse a payment made in rupees .
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