‘‘Money cannot buy all the goods and services that you may need to live well.’’ Explain the statement.



Points to Remember:

  • Money cannot ensure freedom or equality
  • Security and pollution-free environment
  • Need collective cooperation too.
  • Money ensures the quality of life.
  • Money cannot buy loyalty in friendship.

Answer to be written:

  • It is indeed true that money cannot buy all the goods and services that one may need to live well.
  • Money cannot ensure freedom in society or equal treatment by fellow members of society. The quality of life of people depends on equal treatment and freedom to live a happy life.
  • People seek security in society but providing security to each individual or house can be expensive compared to providing it to a whole community . Money cannot ensure that we live in a pollution-free environment . Money can help in reducing pollution but is not a solution.
  • Money ensures a better quality of life but not for everyone it is necessary and cheaper to provide a collective solution.
  • Money can attract people and their friendship but it cannot ensure the loyalty of the friends that they’ll provide help when you need it.
  • Hence money is important but other factors are important too.
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