Analyze the information given below, considering one of the following correct options: Sushila is a worker in garment export industry of Agra. She gets facilities like health insurance provident fund, overtime at a double rate, medical leave, etc. She is working in:

(A) Tertiary sector

(B) Organised sector

(C) Unorganised sector

(D) None of the above



So, the correct answer is (B): Organized sector 


  • The Organized Sector includes all the enterprises that are registered by the government and these enterprises have to follow all the rules and regulations set up by the government. 
  • Employees of this sector have job security .
  • The employees work in a decent environment and conditions .
  • The working hours in this sector are fixed and people are compensated if they work overtime .
  • Other benefits of this sector include paid leaves, provident fund etc
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