Political Science
Chapter 5 Class 10 Political Science - Outcomes of Democracy

Describe any five Outcomes of Democracy.



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Five outcomes of Democracy:

(1) Accountable, responsive, and legitimate government-

  • A government that is accountable to the citizens, and responsive to the needs and expectations of the citizens.
  • Democracy is based on the idea of deliberation and negotiation, so delays in decisions may take place.


(2) Economic growth and development

  • The difference in the rates of economic development between less developed countries with dictatorships and democracies is negligible.
  • It is better to prefer democracy always as it has several other positive outcomes.


(3) Reduction of inequality and poverty.

  • Democracies are based on political equality . All individuals have equality in electing representatives.
  • In actual life, democracies do not appear to be very successful in reducing economic inequalities.


(4) Accommodation of social diversity

  • The ability to handle social differences, divisions, and conflicts is thus a definite plus point of democratic regimes.


(5) Dignity and freedom of the citizens.

  • Democracy stands much superior to any other form of government in promoting the dignity and freedom of the individual.
  • The passion for respect and freedom is the basis of democracy.
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