Mention any 2 challenges that political parties need to face and overcome to remain effective instruments of democracy.



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Political parties need to face and overcome to remain effective instruments of democracy. These are

1. The first challenge is the lack of internal democracy within parties.
Parties do not keep membership registers , do not hold organizational meetings , and do not conduct internal elections regularly.

2. The second challenge of dynastic succession is related to the first one.
Most political parties do not practice open and transparent procedures for their functioning, there are very few ways for an ordinary worker to rise to the top of a party.
In many parties, t he top positions are always controlled by members of one family. This is unfair to other members of that party. This is bad for democracy.

3. The third challenge is about the growing role of money and muscle power in parties, especially during elections.
Since parties are focused only on winning elections, they tend to use shortcuts to win elections. They tend to nominate those candidates who have or can raise a lot of money.
In some cases, parties support criminals who can win elections.

4. The fourth challenge is that very often parties do not seem to offer a meaningful choice to the voters.
Sometimes people cannot even elect very different leaders either, because the same set of leaders keeps shifting from one party to another.

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