Chapter 5 Class 10 Geography - Minerals and Energy Resources

Which is the most abundantly available fossil fuel in India? Assess the importance of its different forms.


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  • In India, coal is the most abundantly available fossil fuel. It provides a substantial part of a nation's energy needs.
  • Coal is found in variety of forms depending on degrees of compression and depth and time of burial.
  • PEAT : Decaying plants in swamps produce peat, which has a low carbon and high moisture content and low heating capacity.
  • LIGNITE : i s a low grade brown coal which is soft, with high moisture content.
  • Principal lignite reserves are in Nevyeli in Tamil Nadu and are used for generation of electricity. 
  • BITUMINOUS : Coal that has been buried deep and subjected to increased temperatures is bituminous coal, It is the most popular coal in commercial use.
  • Metallurgical coal is high grade bituminous coal which has a special value for smelting iron in blast furnaces.
  • ANTHRACITE : is the highest quality hard coal.

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