Why Food security?

  • The poorest section of society might be food insecure most of the time while persons above the poverty line might also be food insecure when the country faces a national disaster/calamity like an earthquake, drought, flood, tsunami, or widespread failure of crops causing famine, etc.

How is food security affected during a calamity?

  •  Due to a natural calamity, say drought, the total production of food grains decreases.

  •  It creates a shortage of food in the affected areas.

  •  Due to a shortage of food, the prices go up.

  • At high prices, some people cannot afford to buy food.

  • If such calamity happens in a very wide area or is stretched over a longer time period, it may cause a situation of starvation.

  • Massive starvation might take turn into famine.

  • The most devastating famine that occurred in India was the FAMINE OF BENGAL in 1943. This famine killed thirty lakh people in the province of Bengal.

  • Food security is needed in a country to ensure the food at all times , including during calamities and pandemics.
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