What does food security mean?

(a) Food being secured from rodents

(b) Availability, accessibility and affordability of food to all at all times.

(c) Food being secured from pests

(d) Food being secured from insects.




  • Food security means something more than getting two square meals.

  •  Food security has the following dimensions

    (a) availability of food means food production within the country, food imports, and the previous years' stock stored in government granaries.

    (b) accessibility means food is within reach of every person.

    (c) affordability implies that an individual has enough money to buy sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to meet one's dietary needs.

  • Food security is ensured in a country only if -

    (1) enough food is available for all the persons

    (2) all persons have the capacity to buy food of acceptable quality , and

    (3) there is no barrier to access to food

So, option (b) is correct.

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