Describe the role of Youth Organisations in Nazi Germany.



Points to Remember

  • Responsible for educating the German young 
  • Ten-year-old boys joined  'Jungvolk’
  • Age of 14, boys forced to join Nazi youth organization
  • A series of rigorous ideological and physical training,

Answer to be written in Exam 

  • Youth Organisations were mad e responsible for educating the German young in the spirit of National  Socialism. 
  • Ten-year-old boys were required to join the Nazi youth organization 'Jungvolk. '
  • At the age of 14 , all the boys were forced to join the Nazi youth organization known as 'Hitler Youth ,' where they learned to worship war, glorify aggression and violence, condemn democracy, and despise Jews, communists, and gypsies.
  • Following a series of rigorous ideological and physical training , they joined the "Labour Service ," then the armed forces , and finally one of the youth organizations .

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