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Political Science
Chapter 1 Class 8 Political Science - The Constitution and the Need

The system of checks and balances in our constitution prevents the misuse of power by the 


A. People

B. Government

C. President

D. Courts



Answer by Student

The correct answer is (B) Government .

Detailed Explanation by Teachoo

Let’s check all the options:

  • Option (A) People : People are the citizens of the country who elect their representatives and participate in the governance. They do not have any power to misuse. So, this is incorrect .

  • Option (B) Government : Government is the institution that runs the country and makes laws and policies. It has three organs: the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. Each organ has some power and some limitations. The system of checks and balances ensures that no organ can misuse its power or interfere with the functions of another organ. So, this is correct .

  • Option (C) President : President is the head of the state and the executive. He/she acts on the advice of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers. He/she does not have any independent power to misuse. So, this is incorrect .

  • Option (D) Courts : Courts are the part of the judiciary that interpret and apply the laws and protect the rights of the people. They also check the actions of the legislature and the executive and ensure that they do not violate the constitution. They do not have any power to misuse. So, this is incorrect .

Thus, option (B) is correct .

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