Political Science
Chapter 1 Class 7 Political Science - Democracy

Why is India called a democratic republic?



Answer by student

  • India is called a democratic republic because it is a democracy where the people elect their representatives who form the government , and it is a republic where the head of state is not a hereditary monarch but an elected president .

Detailed answer by Teachoo

  • India is a type of democracy where the people have the right to vote and choose their leaders who make laws and policies for them. The people can also express their views and opinions on various issues and participate in the decision making process. Democracy ensures that the government is accountable, responsive, and transparent to the people.

  • India is also a type of republic where the head of state is not a king or queen who inherits the power from their ancestors, but a president who is elected by the people or their representatives. The president is the nominal head of state who acts on the advice of the prime minister and the council of ministers. Republic ensures that the power is not concentrated in one person or family, but distributed among different organs and institutions of government.
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